Treat Your Body Well!

Buy package of 5 massages, spiritual healings, craniosacral body work or spiritual guidance sessions at $450.00, by cash, check or credit card and receive each service for $90.00 versus $100.00. Any of these services can be combined. Do this for yourself NOW... Come see me soon!


“I had a spinal fusion done in August 2006 after 10 years of chronic back pain...Post surgery my sessions with Reta unlocked a decade of trapped energy in my pelvic and abdominal area. My recovery was twice as fast as predicted with her work!”
Judy Chamow, Artist, San Mateo

“It is always a privilege and pleasure to experience Reta Coolin's sensitive and powerful massage therapy at the Stanford Cancer Center. In addition to being a warm and caring human being, she is gifted at figuring out how to make tension and tightness melt away and how to make stress evaporate. She is amazingly good at what she does.”
Shelley, Professor at Stanford University

“At the time of my first visit with Reta 2 1/2 years ago, I was in an unfulfilling job, I had left my relationship of 6 years, was on antidepressants, and had a general feeling of loss in my life... Since that initial visit, I retired early from my job to go back to school, a life long dream, moved to the beautiful Sierra Foothills with the man I had left, and now have a better relationship than I could ever have imagined and am free of antidepressants and my outlook on life has improved...and these are only the minor changes! I continue to see Reta and continue to heal...”
Joan Demartis,Retired Real Estate Appraiser

“After my sessions with Reta, I feel relaxed and my stress levels are significantly reduced. It's obvious to me that these treatments are contributing to my overall well-being...”
Canay Riordan, Designer, San Mateo

“Reta's angelic healing was an extremely relaxing experience. And it's quite possible that surprising messages will come through in your session that will please and amaze you too! ”
Bruce Codding, Certified Massage Therapist, San Mateo County

“Reta Coolin is a sensitive, intuitive healer.”

“Reta gave me an angelic healing session and it was marvelous. This was the first angelic healing and I was very pleased. As the session started, I felt myself drifting away-a sort of half sleep where I was still somewhat conscious of what was happening around me. As the session progressed, I went into a deep state of relaxation. Toward the end of the session, I became conscious of messages coming through Reta and one phrase, about my father who had passed away a long time ago, that amazed me.”